Choosing Secondhand Jewellery

Choosing Secondhand Jewellery

Find out why we think choosing Vintage is an excellent investment while helping create a more sustainable planet!

A Sustainable Choice

It has never been more important for us all to be considerate about the environment and for each of us to play a part in making the future a more sustainable one. Here at Secretly Secondhand we are on a mission to follow three simple tasks, RESTORE, RECYCLE, REUSE.

The world is filled with beautiful jewellery hidden away in trinket boxes and never worn again. We want to help find these unique pieces a new home and help to recycle and reuse some of history’s most beautiful creations.

Mining diamonds and coloured gemstones takes a significant amount of labour and resources, our preloved jewellery gives you the chance to choose a more environmentally friendly option.

Unique Pieces

One of the best bits about owning Vintage and Antique jewellery pieces is their unique and rare styles. Here at Secretly Secondhand we search high and low throughout the UK to offer a collection of jewellery that is reminiscent of era it was made and unique in style to what you might find in today’s jewellery market.

Finding two pieces the same in Vintage and Antique jewellery is not impossible however it is exceedingly rare due to the hand making and finishing that was used just a couple of decades ago.

They Each Have A Story

Every preowned jewellery piece comes with a lifetime of memories and has it’s very own story to tell. We inspect each piece that comes into us to ensure we know all that we can about it. Some of our rings can be dated back to the 1800’s and even have a clear sponsor or maker mark on so we can identify who made the piece. It truly is amazing to see so many jewellery designs that are rich in history find new loving homes in the present day.


An Excellent Investment

Preowned jewellery is an excellent investment, not only are the pieces themselves unusual and rare but the price of preowned jewellery is significantly less than the price of new items using the same materials and gemstones.

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