Celebrating 4 Years

Celebrating 4 Years

Since 2020, we've been collecting and restoring treasures from around the world to bring our clients a collection of special pieces that are full of history and beauty.

Today marks our 4th birthday and it's a lovely opportunity to reflect on the brand's journey so far.  

When we first launched Secretly Secondhand we had a mission to find and restore as many beautiful preloved jewellery pieces as possible. Four years on our mission is the same, just a little bit bigger.

We started small with an Etsy shop and a handful of preloved gold rings, 4 years later our collection now consists of over 80 luxury diamond and gemstone pieces. We also source bespoke and unique pieces for our clients that have a specific idea in mind.

We are proud to have now rehomed over 300 luxury jewellery pieces, these rings will now get the opportunity to continue their story and be admired.

Our Mission to Recycle, Restore, Reuse

At Secretly Secondhand, sustainability isn't just a trend – it's our guiding principle. We believe in the power of recycling, restoring, and reusing, because every diamond and gemstone deserves a second chance to shine. By choosing secondhand jewellery, you're not just adding to your collection – you're contributing to a worldwide effort to create a more sustainable future. When asked what makes our heart truly sing after the last four years it’s this.

For a gemstone that took billions of years to form, it deserves to be admired for more lifetimes.

Behind the Scenes at Secretly Secondhand

Rest assured, when you shop with us, you're in the hands of passionate professionals with over 14 years of experience in the jewellery and watch industry. Our journey began with a shared appreciation for all things vintage and antique, and it's that passion that drives us to bring you the finest pieces with a touch of Secretly Secondhand charm.



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